New release

Hidden Vibes - Untold Stories

Inside Hidden Vibes we are doing a lot more music than we release. Sometimes we share with each other vibes that were just have been born during the last night. True power of inspiration is hidden in such works and we have the internal team rule: without any delay publish these tracks on our social accounts. What a pleasure then to see the feedbacks from the people around the world, their comments and emails. These experiments sometimes have quite opposite outcome: expect the unexpected is the song we shout here. 🙂

So this is about the series Untold Stories that we launch now: Unreleased till proven. All tracks from this compilation are still available on our accounts and this compilation collects the ones with the greatest feedbacks. To All Music Believers.

  1. Colibri
  2. Dark Train Of ’94
  3. Imagination
  4. To Our Early Pioneers
  5. U’re A Good Man
  6. The Hypnotic Waters
  7. Connection