New music video

Roma Moss feat. hOLY - "Leaving Traces (FREE.D Remix)"

Kicking off spring 2017 with a bang, FREE.D is back with a huge remix of Romas Moss’s track «Leaving Traces.» On the original song, Hidden Vibes (the label of which FREE.D is the progenitor) artists Roma Moss teamed up to mix guitars, analog synth, and live violin with truly magical vocals from hOLY. FREE.D’s remix is electronic, quirky, and hypnotic; the kind of music that makes you think and just may lead you in to a trance. The song is repetitive and almost entirely instrumental, and paired with a unique visual, it’s hard to pull your attention away from the details and groovy mood that it creates.

FREE.D has brought us another animated video and it’s once again stellar. This time he’s teamed up with Sevya Vyodstsev (illustrations), Igor Irbitskiy (direction/ animation/ idea), and Alexandar Dymox (project manager) to tell a story that may just make you question your reality.

The «Leaving Traces» music video starts with our main character- a beaver- waking up to his alarm clock. He’s a cog in the machine- sitting in traffic, doing the same monotonous tasks day after day- till he listens to a song called «Leave Your Trace», and is suddenly hypnotized. The beaver walks to work and we see other characters go about their business- a «jacked» chicken lifting weights, a feline DJ spinning records, and a canine scientist experimenting in the laboratory- as the song pulsates through the speakers. He falls in love with an octopus, and their son goes to work and is similarly enchanted by «Leave Your Trace.»

Over the course of the video we discover that there are insect overlords watching our characters, and that the city they are living in is just one piece of the insects’ laboratory, just one experiment of many. It calls in to questions: what is our true reality? Finally, one of the insects listens to the song and the video ends with a message on the screen: FOLLOW THE TRACE OF MUSIC. Perhaps music, at the end of the day, will lead us to our true reality.